The Newala/Bocking Fellowship has recently been created to provide a link between Bocking and Newala. St. Mary's has created a link with another St. Mary's in Tanzania with the objective to foster friendship and mutual support between our parishes thereby enriching the life of both communities. 

Newala is one of the five districts of the Mtwara region in Tanzania. The church was built between 1948 and 1951 as an improvement to the grass thatched chapel which previously stood in its place. It has been the parish of St. Mary's since 1981 and has now got a total of 3,565 Christians. Besides St. Mary's, the parish has 8 small churches which are run by members of the laity. 

We are seeking committed volunteers to set up and administer the fellowship. There is also the need for people to write to individuals in Newala to tell them about our parish, themselves and our news. Newala have provided us with 151 names, and it would be great if we could have 151 people to write to them.